Build Your Own PC and Take It Home!

Waybright Technology Academy has an exciting program where your child can build his/her own PC!

We have two kit options. All include Windows 10 operating system.

  • Workhorse PC: A mid-range system that will suit many users--streaming movies and music, editing digital photos, 1080p PC gaming

  • Powerhouse: This is the PC for the hardcore gamer. Allows for multiple high resolution monitors and a super fast processor.

Workhorse PC Powerhouse PC
PC Kit Cost $945 $1,700
Windows 10 OS X X
Case X X
Power supply X X
Motherboard X X
Memory X X
Storage X X
Video Card X X
CPU Cooler X
Payment plan available X X
  • Assembly can be done in private or group camp (3 or more). Duration of camp depends on the age of the student. Lessons include a purchasing lesson. Kits will be purchased before we start, but we'll show the students what parts were selected and why.
    • 10 hours for 12+ years
    • 15 hours for 8 to 11 years
  • Private and semi-private lessons are available.
  • The kit fee is due 3 weeks before the start of lessons. It can be paid with a payment plan. Additional delivery fees may apply for rush orders.

CONTACT US NOW for more information or to get started with this unique program!

Include your child's name and date of birth and your preferred PC build (Budget, Workhorse, Powerhouse) in the message along with any other questions we can answer.

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