The sky is the limit!

Achieve big things with a modern day school house.

Small, Mixed Aged Classrooms

All day or part day options for mixed age small group classrooms. Small group projects with three or less students and one on one project based learning.

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Personalization and Emerging Technology

Emerging technology is used wherever possible in every aspect of exploration.  This helps to: provide an engaging and captivating atmosphere to work, cater to each child's individual needs and to supply project learning with real world skills and better prepare our Youth for the future.

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Montessori Infused Student Led

Facilitators keep pathways for learning open and accessible at all times.  They serve as mentors, technical advisors and caring adult role models for the students. They meet to discuss student driven goals and relate performance objectives back to the plan in order to maintain the course of study or make modifications.

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Ready to find out more? Contact us for a tour.

The owner is available on most Wednesdays and weekends to meet and discuss the options and possibilities.  Come with your child(ren), significant others or alone for a site visit.  Tours for first time visitors typically last anywhere from ten minutes to thirty minutes depending on the person.