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Fun Game Nights most Saturday nights from 6pm-9pm and special occassions.  See dates below.  You don't have to be a registered student to attend. Students taking lessons can invite a friend for FREE if it's their friend's first time attending.  Minecraft, console games, and Steam games are popular choices for attendees.  Buy a single event ticket or a purchase bulk pass to save money. Children under seven years old attending for the first time will need an assistant add on and prior approval.  Advance registration is required for all attendees. 

Types of Passes

Bulk Pass

$120 for 4 hangouts
  • Better bargain for the money. Buy 3 and get 1 free.
  • Good for one year from the time of purchase
  • Passes can be transferred to friends or siblings to use

Single Pass

$40 per hangout
  • Great way to check us out
  • No commitment to sign up for lessons
  • Bulk passes are a better deal for the money
  • If you don't have a friend in the club already, consider booking a one on one private lesson first to get to know us

Spot Award

$0 For the next hangout
  • A clear way for us to reward our best students and show them we appreciate all they do
  • Free to use for the next hangout
  • You can save a pass if you already own a bulk pass. You can use it next time.

Purchase a Bulk Pass and save

Purchase a bulk pass here to save 25%. When you are ready to redeem your tickets, register for the dates you plan to attend by selecting the $0 tickets below.
Details Price Qty
Bulk hangout pass. Buy 3 get 1 free. $120.00 (USD)  

Register to attend

Select the event and ticket type, change the qty to let us know how many attendees to expect. If you didn't buy a bulk pass, you can purchase a single event ticket.
Details Price Qty
August 10th, Single pass $40.00 (USD)  
August 10th, Redeem bulk pass ticket $0.00 (USD)  
August 17th, Single pass $40.00 (USD)  
August 17th, Redeem bulk pass ticket $0.00 (USD)  
August 24th, Single pass $40.00 (USD)  
August 24th, Redeem bulk pass ticket $0.00 (USD)  

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