Saturday Night Gamer Hangouts are happening every week!
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Fun Game Nights most Saturday nights from 6pm-9pm.  See dates below.  You don't have to be a registered student to attend.  Students can invite a friend for FREE if it's their friend's first time attending.  Minecraft, console games, and Steam games are popular choices for attendees.  Buy a single event ticket or a purchase bulk pass to save money.  Children under seven years old attending for the first time will need prior approval.  Advance registration is required for all attendees. 

Bulk Pass

$120 for 4 hangouts
  • Better bargain for the money. Buy 3 and get 1 free.
  • Good for one year from the time of purchase
  • Passes can be transferred to friends or siblings to use

Single Pass

$40 per hangout
  • Great way to check us out
  • No commitment to sign up for lessons
  • Bulk passes are a better deal for the money
  • If you don't have a friend in the club already, consider booking a one on one private lesson first to get to know us

Spot Award

$0 For the next hangout
  • A clear way for us to reward our best students and show them we appreciate all they do
  • Free to use for the next hangout
  • You can save a pass if you already own a bulk pass. You can use it next time.

Purchase a bulk pass

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After completing the bulk pass purchase, you can redeem pass(es) by clicking "select event ticket" on this page and choosing the zero dollar ticket for the hangout date desired.  Don't forget to change the quantity for the number of guests or passes you are redeeming for the event. 

Price Qty
Bulk hangout passshow details + $120.00 (USD)  

Register to attend

Change the "Qty" below to reflect the number of attendees. If your student is taking his/her friend for the first time for free, select a zero cost ticket for the event date they are attending.
Price Qty
September 23rd, Single passshow details + $40.00 (USD)  
September 23rd, Redeem bulk pass or free for friendshow details + $0.00 (USD)  
September 30th, Single passshow details + $40.00 (USD)  
September 30th, Redeem bulk pass or free for friendshow details + $0.00 (USD)  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hangout?

Hangouts are FUN social gatherings that are typically every Saturday from 6pm to 9pm.  It is a great time for registered students, their friends or others interested in joining our community, to game and hangout together and get to know each other better.  Hangouts are designed for 8yrs and older however, if a younger child wants to attend arrangements will need to be made in advance with Management, so that proper supervision can be verified and provided.

While here at our facility, children enjoy using the high speed internet connection, company computers, Minecraft accounts and console games.  They can watch movies, play video games and board and card games or just relax in the lounge area on the sofa.  Teens may request a separate hangout area for just them.  No instruction is provided during hangouts.  This is a FUN social night! 

When are hangouts?

Every Saturday night from 6pm to 9pm, with exceptions for holidays and Fall and Winter Break.  If you're not sure when the next hangout is, you should check this page before arriving.

Does my child need to bring anything to eat or drink?

Please have your child eat dinner before arriving.  There is a sink in the main area to get a cup of water.  We serve popcorn and water as a between 6:45pm and 7pm.  If you don't have time to serve dinner at home, the staff is happy to order pizza and have it delivered to our office for your child if you leave cash and instructions at the front desk. DCRobotics does not guarantee a nut free/allergy free environment; however food consumption is in designated areas.

What are the ages allowed?

Hangouts are designed for children 8 yrs to 17 yrs old. Children under 7 yrs old may attend with prior approval.  There may be an additional fee for individual care provided at the event.

What are the rules?

Here are the rules for fun...

1. Guests may arrive 10 minutes prior to a hangout.

2. Equipment used for courses, including the robotics equipment (except for lose bricks and building pieces), is reserved for classes and therefore may not be used during hangouts.

3. Sorry, drinks are not allowed by the computers.  Sport top, no spill bottles only to hangouts.

3. Food consumption in designated areas only.  

4. Children under 8 yrs old need to make prior arrangements for individual care.

5. Waivers must be on file.

6. As always, children only allowed past the lobby.  Tours for parents can be made by appointment.  If it's your first time seeing the place, we can most likely show you around 10 minutes prior to the event start time.  Click if you want to learn all we do by coming in for a tour.

7. Have fun!


What if they don't like it?

This is a question that guests sometime ask when their child comes for the first time.  In our experience the children love it and prefer not to be picked up early.  We usually have to shut off the lights and herd them out at the end since they are still having fun all the way up until 9pm.  If your child wants to leave at anytime, the staff is happy to call you or lend the phone to your child to call you.  

Should I pick up early the first time?

In our experience the children, even the younger ones, love it at the hangouts and prefer to stay the whole time.  We usually have to shut off the lights at the end since they are still having fun all the way up until 9pm and don't want to leave.  Usually they want to be the last one out so we release them all at 9pm.  We are happy to get your child for you before 9pm.  If you know you will pick up early, we recommend letting us know so we can give them a five minute notice to finish their game. 

Can they bring their own electronic devices?

Yes.  Children may bring laptops, ipads, board games and card games etc. and connect to our wifi.  Make sure to put your name on any items your child brings, since we can't replace missing or broken items.  The wifi password is on the screen in the front lobby to connect your devices upon entering.  If you don't see the password, you or your child, can ask a staff member for assistance.

May 29th - June 1st, 2018
Gamer Hangout Camp
1pm-4pm daily

$120 per week
  • 1pm-4pm daily. Tuesday through Friday. This week only!
  • Customers can use their bulk hangout passes to attend. Advance registration is required. Single day passes can be used for bulk pass holders.
  • Just like our Saturday night hangouts, but during the weekday every day for a week. A FUN way to socialize and celebrate the beginning of the summer!