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Small group workshops for children who would like to check out Waybright Technology Academy for the very first time. These fun, no commitment lessons will introduce your child or children to our three technology areas of study. Listed below are the events available for all ages and interest levels. Let us know your child's skill level when you sign up, and we will group you the best we can. Space and times are limited. Average student teacher ratios are 1:4.

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Java Programming

$89 one time fee
  • Ages 12-17
  • Learning to program in the highly useful Java language is a great launching point for your child to become an experienced programmer!
  • Let us help to provide a fun and engaging introduction to a complex text-based programming language. Consider developing your child’s skills in one of the fastest growing and profitable areas of technology.

Digital Photography & DSLR Cameras

$85 one time fee
  • Ages 12-16
  • This workshop teaches useful photography skills, tools, and techniques to help enthusiastic photographers and designers reach the next level!
  • Students will learn how to use and manually adjust cameras, tips and tricks to getting a good shot, then get a hands-on learning experience taking their own photos.
  • This is perfect for students interested in the Animation & Digital Media track, especially in the All Things Adobe course we offer!

Lego Mindstorms - Battle Bots

$79 one time fee
  • Ages 8-12
  • Work in a two person team to learn the fundamentals of robotics in a safe and fun way. While practicing good sportsmanship, students will work collaboratively to design robot attachments, and execute programs that will build on their love of robotics and engineering.
  • Students who excel in this workshop may be invited to join a future Waybright Academy FIRST Lego League or VEX IQ competition team.
  • We offer both competition robotics teams and recreational courses.

Learn to be a Digital Artist! Graphic Tablets and Drawing Fundamentals

$79 one time fee
  • Ages 9-12
  • Take your child’s passion for art to the next level! If you have an artistic and creative child who loves to draw, they will adore this workshop!
  • Students will work with professional-level equipment such as drawing tablets, and will use advanced digital art programs. They will also get experience using cutting-edge Virtual Reality drawing programs.
  • All levels of artistic ability and experience are welcome, all we require is enthusiasm!

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Course Register Bonus

Since we are a developmental training center that works with children over time versus month to month or on short term programs, our discount reward system is setup to encourage repeat and long term business. This means that if your child or children choose to take an upcoming session course that directly relates to this workshop we can gift you a free 3 hour game hangout on one of our scheduled days.

Referral Rewards

Want to attend, but already an existing or past customer? These one-day workshops are designed for first-time customers, but if you are interested in a fun day of Waybright Academy learning, you’re still welcome! Due to the small nature of the workshops and limited spaces, we ask existing customers to bring a friend (or more) to be included! In return, you and your friend will also receive a free hangout pass, valid for a month after redemption.