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Video Games and Narratives

About This Course

Video Games and Narratives is an immersive and captivating course designed for young gamers and storytellers. Led by experienced instructors, this course explores the intersection of storytelling and video game design. Students will dive into the art of crafting compelling narratives within the context of video game worlds. Through interactive discussions, analysis of popular games, and hands-on activities, students will learn about story structure, character development, dialogue writing, and player engagement. They will also explore the impact of narrative choices on gameplay and player experiences. The course encourages creativity and critical thinking as students work on narrative-driven game projects. Students will have a deeper understanding of the role narratives play in video games and the skills to create immersive and memorable storytelling experiences in game designs.

You'll learn to:

  • Explore the role of narratives in video games and how they contribute to player engagement and immersion.
  • Investigate various storytelling techniques used in video games, such as character development, plot structures, and branching narratives
  • Understand how game design elements, mechanics, and gameplay systems can enhance and support narrative experiences
  • Explore interactive storytelling techniques, including player choices and consequences, non-linear narratives, and multiple endings
  • Develop critical thinking skills by analyzing and discussing the narratives of existing video games, examining themes, symbolism, and storytelling techniques used

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Fourteen hours of one on one private instruction or one complete course. Weekday or weekend appointments with a live instructor onsite at our facility. Once lessons begin, students meet routinely each week on set days and times for one or more hours per week consecutively until the course hours have been completed. Appointments are subject to availability.

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Video Games and Narratives
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Video Games and Narratives

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