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Minecraft Birthday Party FAQs

Yes, each guest will need a Minecraft account and specifically a Minecraft Java Edition (also known as the Desktop Edition) account for parties. This edition only runs on PCs and laptops. A Minecraft account that is used on a cellphone for example, will not work for the party. If a guest needs an account, you can refer to the question on how to get an account.

For remote online parties only, each guest will need their own Minecraft account and a specific type of account called the Java Edition or the Desktop Edition. This edition works on PCs or laptops. A Minecraft account that is used on a cellphone for example, will not work for the party.

Each guest’s Minecraft account will need to be ready for use before the party begins and they are admitted.

There are one or two quick steps to get started. For all questions regarding account setup by third party vendors, please follow their onscreen instructions and utilize their help pages, if more help is needed.

  1. Purchase a Minecraft Java Edition account via a third party here.
  2. For a free Microsoft account that is needed prior to purchasing, if guests don’t already have one, sign up for a Microsoft account first here. That’s it!

Yes attendees will need  a PC or a laptop to play on the Minecraft server used for the party.. The mobile and console versions of Minecraft are not compatible with the version needed to run events on a server. The only compatible edition for events hosted on a server is the Minecraft Java Edition.  When this edition is installed or run, Minecraft will automatically load the most recent version of the Java Edition.

Children of any age are welcome; however the games on the server were designed with the age requirement in mind. Parents of younger children should expect to sit by their child and assist them throughout the entire party, in case they need direct help. You can offer to your guests another attendee spot so they may play on their own PC beside their child; however each login goes towards the  total attendee count or overall party size that is charged for the party.

For the party, we require that all customers have the ability to reach all attendee’s parents or caregivers at any time throughout the party, via text and phone, and for any reason. This is especially important in the case of an emergency or when assistance is needed. 

Waybright Academy doesn’t require all parents to supervise their children at the party at all times; however we do require that the customer be monitoring the entire event for potential issues that may negatively affect the guests’ satisfaction with the overall event. 

You are welcome to insist that your party parents and caregivers supervise or you may prefer to handle it. Please be sure to communicate your expectations to your guests. Since Minecraft accounts are purchased from a third party, make sure to review their account usage agreement for minors and act in accordance to their policy.

As the customer, you will be able to join the remote party up to 15 minutes prior to the event start time. We highly recommend that you use this time:

  • To meet the Event Coach
  • To understand best methods of communication throughout the party
  • To understand what the structure of the party will be like
  • To review expectations and ask any additional questions
  • To see who is in the waiting room before guests are admitted on time.

If at any time during the party, you tried to reach the Event Coach first using the communication channel discussed for party help and he or she is unavailable to assist or you and/or you want or need someone immediately, please don’t hesitate to text or call the main company number to speak to the Owner or Manager at 480-331-7660.

Party prices are set according to the number of attendees. Up to 2 additional attendees can be purchased as an add on before you will need to upgrade to the next party size. After that the next party size will need to be purchased and the difference between the party prices will be charged before any more guests are admitted to the server.

Guests should have sound working and a working microphone when they  join the party.  When guests are first admitted; however, the sound will be muted upon joining and turned on later. This is so the Event Coach can greet guests as a whole and provide helpful information.  

Although guests don’t need a camera to partake in the event, a camera is highly recommended. The children will likely enjoy seeing each other more than talking, since at times they may be talking over each other and it will be hard to hear.

The Minecraft party is designed for playing on the Minecraft server for the duration of the event with a small break to get together in a Zoom breakout room to sing “Happy Birthday” to the birthday child; however sometimes children want or need a break from Minecraft. They may also want to remain social and have something to do while taking a break.

In this case, there will be an unsupervised breakout room in Zoom for children that aren’t playing Minecraft to hang out and socialize. It is highly recommended that the customer or a parent appointed by the customer, monitor this room and discussions to prevent any potential issues. Children may be fatigued and want light socializing without any hurt feelings or misunderstandings taking place.


Parents are welcome to attend remote birthday parties unless you prefer they do not attend in which case you would need to let them know on your end.  Waybright Academy staff will not exclude a parent from the Zoom meeting or on the server. 

It is important to know that there will be one paid server space during gameplay per attendee. Parents are welcome to assist their children by sitting beside and sharing a PC. If they want to play on the server they will need a paid space and will be counted as an attendee in the total count for the party.

For guests that have never played Minecraft before or would like a review, there are great tutorials on YouTube. We recommend searching “how to play Minecraft” in YouTube and picking videos from reliable sources.

In the event of an unexpected illness or emergency, please contact us immediately via text at 480-331-7660 so we can alert the staff. You must alert us via text prior to the start time of the event to be able to reschedule at no extra cost. 

When the emergency has subsided, contact us again via text at 480-331-7660 or email to [email protected] to find a new day and time that works.  The Event Manager will respond within one week to help with rescheduling. Since all sales are final, Waybright Academy will not be able to refund any money in part or in whole that have been paid in respect to the booked event. Any deposits to reserve the event day and time are non-refundable. Reschedules are first come, first serve and dependant upon availability. We know situations arise that can not be controlled so we will do our best to get you rescheduled.

You can text or call the main company number at 480-331-7660 to speak to the Owner or the Manager, at any time and for anything. There will also be a survey emailed to you after the party that day or the next day to let us know how you liked the party.

Each Zoom event will be password protected. This means when guests click the join link they will be prompted for a password before being able to do anything else. 

You as the customer will be given the password to share with your guests at the time you think is most appropriate. The best way to avoid unwanted or uninvited guests is to protect the event password. It is recommended that you share the password with your guests right before the party, unless you trust them not to make the password known to others including their children that may want to share it with outside friends. Waybright Academy is not responsible for uninvited guests showing up. If you suspect there is a person that joined that is not a guest, contact us immediately and in the fastest possible way.

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