Tuition Payment via Installment Method

Tuition for courses is paid in one of two ways, either in full at the time of registration or via installments. Tuition is paid in four installments.  The first installment is received automatically when upon registering online.  The remainder is collected on the first calendar day of each month via an auto withdrawal authorization form, found by clicking here.  The auto withdrawal form is due prior to the first class.  For your convenience, you may drop off the completed form with your child on the first day of class.  No payments are due in the final month of classes, unless registration occurs after the start of the session; in which case, the final balance will be due. Please email us at regarding any questions about specific payment situations.

Fall Session Payment Schedule

(doesn't apply to those who pay in full)


Initial Installment

Final Installment

Late Register Final Installment

Payment Date

Payment Amount











*installment amounts vary