Technology and Robotics Workshops

For Scouts Of All Ages


Waybright Technology Academy is happy to help scouts fulfill all or part of their requirements for technology related badges. Workshops can be offered on weekdays and weekends of varied lengths and for different size groups. 

STEM AND STEAM (STEM + Arts) Workshops for Scouts



Digital Movie Making

Graphic Arts Design

Digital Photography and Editing

Crime Scene Investigation



The maximum cost of the event based on the duration and number of scouts is shown below.  The workshop must include at least 6 scouts within 2 years of age. For groups smaller than 6, a request can be made for a semi-private rate, which will be assessed at the time of request. The per person, per hour rate is an approximate rate to facilitate in making selections.  Taxes may apply.  Ask us about our referral and student related discounts.

Duration Up to 6 scouts 7 to 12 scouts 13 to 18 scouts
2 hours=$25pp/hr n/a $300* $450*
3 hours=$19pp/hr $350* $685 $1,025
*This is the minimum cost of a workshop of this size. We can guarantee the completion of a badge in 3 hours, and we can do the best we can with 2-2 1/2. The 3 hour workshop doesn't have to be completed in a single day, but it can be split into two 1 1/2 hour blocks (Saturday/Sunday for example). Workshops longer than 3 hours=$17pp/hr. These events can occur over one or two days time.

Discount Opportunities

Customer Discount

For existing customers who want a scout workshop, we can offer a customer discount. Customers registered for a course or with children in recurring private lessons are eligible for a 10% discount for whatever they book, and all troop members attending the same workshop as the active student.

Referral Credit

If any troop books a workshop or camp based on a referral you provide, a single referral credit for the troop or individual can be awarded in the amount of $25. Provide the troop # that made the referral and the troop # that made booking. Only one troop can receive the referral credit per booking. If you choose to redeem the credit individually, $25 credit will be provided for future services at Waybright.

Get started today!

Contact us via email to request a day and time for your group.  Please let us know the size of your group and the badge being earned.  A representative will reply back promptly via email.  A $50 non refundable deposit is required to reserve the day(s) and time(s) of your choice.  The balance due will be collected one week prior.


Directions to Waybright
Please call or text (480-331-7660) if you need help locating us.