BYOPC Powerhouse kit

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Powerhouse kit parts and minimum specs:

In this course, we handle the hassle and complexity of purchasing compatible parts for you for a high-powered PC! Children who want high-speed graphics cards for gaming or livestreaming will enjoy this high-end machine. Before buying, we perform current market price research to strategically purchase the best possible PC parts for the best possible deal. All parts will be ready before your child’s first lesson, so they can start learning and building right away. Listed below are the minimum specs you can expect from your PC parts, but we will almost always exceed these minimums for important parts. Note: Powerhouse kit and course are sold separately.

Part Spec
CPU 6 core processor or better (usually we buy 8 core)
Motherboard gaming motherboard/well insulated boards
Memory (RAM) 8 GB of DDR4 (usually we buy 16 GB)
Storage (Hard Drive) 1TB
Video Card 2060 or better, 4k ready
Case mid tower case
Power Supply >450 watt certified power supply
Operating System Windows 10 home
Wireless Network Adapter

Included Services:

  • Current market price research to procure the highest possible calibre of materials
  • Procurement & storage of materials
  • Student workbook
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