Our Three Learning Pathways

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Asset 10

3D Animation

Advanced Game, Unity

Augmented Reality Dev.

C# Programming

C# Programming Int/Adv

Coding & Jr. Game

Game Creation

Java Intermediate/Adv

Java Programming

Jr. Minecraft Modding

Mobile App Development

Roblox Modding

Terraria Modding

Unity Professional Certification

Virtual Reality Dev.

Asset 12

3D Engineer & Print

Build Your Own Drone

Competition Team Robotics

C Programming

C Programming Int/Adv

Electrical Engineering

Fun with PVC/Circuitry

Jr Robotics

Kitchen Chemistry


Robotics Int/Adv

Underwater Robotics

VEX Robotics

Wearable Technology

Asset 14

3D Animation

Adobe Photo Editing

All Things Adobe


Digital Illustration

Digital Media Editing

Electrical Engineering

Fashion Design: 3D Printing

Fashion Design

Jr Broadcasting

Jr Animation

Jr Movie Making

Movie Making

Webpage Programming