Ages 10-14, 13-17

For students under 10 years old, this course is only available in private 1:1 lessons.

Students will enjoy building their very own PC from scratch and taking it home to keep. The objectives of this course include learning all the parts and pieces that work together and their specifications, how to shop for parts based on what type of computer you want to build, installing an operating system, trouble shooting and more. This course offers two build choices: the Workhorse PC or the Powerhouse PC.  The Workhorse is a mid-range system that will suit many users as a home desktop. The Powerhouse PC, is the most popular choice since it is a PC for the hardcore gamer. It allows for multiple high-resolution monitors and has a super fast processor; excellent for gaming and media creation.

Build Optimization & Understanding of Components
PC Assembly & Troubleshooting
Software & OS Installation
Component Workhorse PC Powerhouse PC
PC Kit Cost $1,000 - $1,650 $1,700 - $1,950
CPU Quad core processor or better (usually we buy 6 core) Dual core or quad processor
Motherboard Gaming motherboard/well insulated boards Motherboard with not alot of ports or expandability
Memory (RAM) >8 GB of DDR4 (usually we buy 16 GB) =8 GB of DDR4
Storage (Hard Drive) > 1TB (usually we buy 2TB) >512 GB
Video Card 1070 or better, 4k ready not provided, but could add later
Case mid tower case mid tower cas
Power Supply >450 watt certified power supply >450 watt certified power supply
Operating System Windows 10 home Windows 10 home

Experience a truly custom course.

Assembly can be done in private or group camp (3 or more). Duration of camp depends on the age of the student. Lessons include a purchasing lesson. Kits will be purchased before we start, but we'll show the students what parts were selected and why.

  • 10 hours for 12+ years
  • 15 hours for 8 to 11 years

Private and semi-private lessons are available.

The kit fee is due 3 weeks before the start of lessons. It can be paid with a payment plan. Additional delivery fees may apply for rush orders. Kit includes: Windows 10 OS, computer case, power supply, motherboard, memory, CPU, storage, video card, and CPU cooler.

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Build Your Own PC

Prerequisite: N/A

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