Digital Illustration

Animation and Digital Media Track



Using graphic design software similar to Adobe Photoshop, students will create and illustrate their own unique and colorful drawings. Using 2D Vector Graphics and graphic tablets, students will learn to use drawing tools other than with paper, crayons and markers.

This course is perfect for students who are more technical and want to expand their skills to a new area, or for budding artists who want to take their skills to the next level, and gain advanced computer skills.

About this course


"Digital Illustration is the perfect introduction to creating your own photos, graphics, and digital media."


Photo Editing

Photography and Photo Manipulation

Photo editing is the practice of modification and manipulation of photos to enhance or change a photo's composition. Students will learn how to navigate photo editing software, and learn foundational skills that lead into advanced Photoshop techniques.


Vector Graphics

Vector Art and Graphic Design

Vector graphics are a special kind of image created by lines instead of pixels. Students will learn all about vector graphics and the difference between vector and raster. They will also create their own graphics in vector graphic programs similar to the Adobe Creative Cloud.


Digital Art

Print Design and Graphic Formatting

Students can take their artistic skills to the next level by using our graphic tablets. They will experiment with creating art using tablets in graphic art programs, and learn all about digital art techniques used by professionals, such as layers and custom brush settings.

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